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YES! I agree with No-Tolls, No Sell-Offs objectives of:

  • abolishing tolls on Qld public roads;
  • keeping Qld roads in public ownership; and
  • stopping the sell-offs of public assets

and I'd like to join No-Tolls as a founding member.

[ Foundation membership of No-Tolls, No Sell-Offs is completely FREE ]

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Ever since Robin Hood
outlaws have preyed on travellers to pay a TOLL... held them to ransom for what should be their right to Free Passage around our country.

End the tolls

and stop the sell-offs

BOTH major parties want to encourage more PRIVATELY OWNED TOLL ROADS, bridges and tunnels.


The government wants to make Brisbane like Sydney and Melbourne – with dozens of toll roads around our city, forcing motorists to pay, and pay, and pay again and again just to drive on OUR roads and OUR bridges.

Please help us to STOP THE TOLLS NOW!

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Jeffery Hodges

Are you as sick of toll roads as I am? Help mobilise support for political change.

Hi. I’m Jeff Hodges and I need your help to stop the insanity that has politicians selling off publicly owned roads, costing all of us time and money for what should be our FREE RIGHT OF PASSAGE. Please lend us a hand with your political support.

Jeffrey Hodges

Vote 1 Jeffrey HODGES for No-Tolls, no Sell Offs

Authorised by J.D. Hodges, 77 Flaxton Mill Raod, Flaxton. 4560 for No-Tolls, No Sell-Offs.


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