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Download Tollway Scam Report- by Dr Cameron Richards

We support the widespread calls to end animal cruelty, domestically and commercially, and particularly in the racing industry.

Australians do not support the mistreatment of animals, yet existing policies and practices, particularly in the live export trade, in industrialised farming, and in both greyhound and horse racing do not reflect this.

There has been huge national outrage across Australia when the systemic abuse of our sheep and cattle in the live export trade has been repeatedly exposed in the media. This ongoing and outrageous cruelty will only cease when the trade in live animals is stopped.

Cruelty inflicted on animals in intensive farming and at the slaughterhouse also needs to be addressed, whether it’s puppy farming, battery-caged chickens or intensive piggeries - and we have all been appalled at the exposure of live baiting of greyhounds in racing.

This is the 21st century and our policies, which align with the RSPCA’s proposed model “Animal Care and Protection Act” will serve to end this systemic cruelty to animals.


Authorised by J.D. Hodges, 77 Flaxton Mill Road, Flaxton. 4560 for Consumer Rights and No Tolls.