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Download Tollway Scam Report- by Dr Cameron Richards

Jeffrey Hodges

Our Party Leader

Jeffrey Hodges is an internationally recognised speaker, author, educator and performance coach for elite athletes.

As Founder and Secretary of Consumer Rights and No Tolls, Jeffrey seeks to bring his coaching and leadership expertise into government. Jeffrey holds a Bachelor of Science, Masters (Hons) in Social Science, and Bachelor of Education degrees, and believes in protecting consumer rights, keeping essential services in public ownership, freedom of choice in healthcare, and protection of the environment. He wants to stop the political corruption arising from political “donations”, and believes that politicians should be truly independent and serve the best interests of the people, rather than the profits of big corporations.

As Director of the Sportsmind Institute for Human Performance Research, he overseas the provision of workshops, coaching seminars and 1-on-1 performance coaching for teams and individuals to reach their potential through mental training with superior thinking strategies. He has a special interest in elite sports performance enhancement, and has successfully trained Olympic, World and National champions – including Olympic gold medallists Lydia Lassila and Sara Carrigan. An Australian Coaching Council accredited coach, he established the ‘Coaching Excellence’ conferences held throughout Australia for over ten years, and is the lecturer and examiner for the Sportsmind Correspondence Course for Coaches – an intensive program of instruction in mental skills training for sports coaches.

Jeffrey has organised and lectured at the annual ‘Gifted & Talented’ student conferences for senior students throughout Australia and New Zealand, which since 2010 has provided over 15,000 gifted students with a stimulating day of extension thinking activities. He has also lectured at the Gifted & Talented study days for senior students in Oxford, Cambridge, London and in other major centres throughout the UK.

A prolific and popular writer, Jeffrey has written 11 books, including the best selling ‘Sportsmind – An Athlete’s Guide to Super-performance through Mental & Emotional Training’, and ‘Champion Thoughts, Champion Feelings’, and has contributed informative articles to numerous sports magazines and newspapers including Australian Tennis, Golf Australia, Pistol Australia, Blitz, Sports Coach, Ultrafit and many others.

Authorised by J.D. Hodges, 77 Flaxton Mill Road, Flaxton. 4560 for Consumer Rights and No Tolls.